Music unites Halmstad 20200314 e3e1e2 bakgrund bredare ram ooooff

Welcome to
Halmstad Arena
and the 39th Swedish
Square Dance Convention
June 11 - 13 2021
Trail-End Dance June 10

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Dance means a lot to people, both your body and soul feel good when you dance. Square dancing is so much more than just dancing. Just think of the enormous joy that we see in the dance and the lovely feeling of fellowship the dancers show. When you are coming to Halmstad we want to give you all of this under the theme of "Music unites".

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Time left to Convention


Convention 2021 bringing up to date

On Saturday August 29, our club had a members' meeting. The Convention Committee reported. Everything stands out as well-organized and all members of our club really look forward to meet callers and dancers at Square Dance Convention 2021 in Halmstad. Welcome!


Spaces for caravan/camper with electricity are fully booked

Redan  efter två dygn så var de 30 uppställningsplatserna med el fullbokade.
We do our utmost to arrange more spaces.
It is possible to queue up. You can both stand in the queue as well as book a parking space without electricity. If there are vacant electricity spaces, we will handle the rebooking. On basis First come, First served.

Presentation of Convention 2021

Presentationen skedde på SAASDCs förbundsstämma 2020-07-04.

Welcome to make your registration!

Music unites Halmstad 20200314 e3e1e2 bakgrund bredare ram ooooff