Questions about registration or payment? Please send an E-mail to: The Convention board
Pre registration should be done at the latest May 17 2021.


Privacy policy

Privacy Policy Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021

Consent to personal data processing
Arranging Club Salmon Town Dancers (corporate registration number 802449-4026) needs some information about you who are signing up for Squared Dance Convention 2021.
We need to be able to process certain personal data in order to give you a safe, secure and practical dance experience. The personal information you provide in connection with the registration to Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021 will be processed specifically for Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021. The data we collect and process we store for up to one year after Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021.

Our processing of personal data GDPR
When you register for Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021, you also agree (approve) that we process your personal data as described above. You are entitled under the Data Protection Regulation GDPR once a calendar year to know what personal data about you we process and how we process it, if you request it in writing. You also have the right, at any time, to request that we correct the information we process about you. You also have the opportunity to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data and the right to demand that your data be deleted. It is important to remember that it can affect our ability to provide you with a safe, secure and practical experience at Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021.
For questions about the handling of your personal data, contact us:
E-mail: The Convention board

Pre registration guide

Pre registration Guide Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021

We need information about you:

Contact person
In order to organise the Swedish Square Dance Convention 2021 to give a great experience for all parties, we need to be able to communicate with the person who makes the registration. We need information about your name, postal address, telephone number and E-mail address.
Furthermore, each individual dancer, including yourself, needs to be registered.
Press "Next"..

Each participant to be notified
Fill in first and last name (do not forget the contact person).
- Choose the type of ticket; adult / youth, all weekend / 2 days / 1 day, or non-dancer. For example, non-dancers can apply to a bus driver who does not dance but wants to have lunch.
- Specify club affiliation and the highest dance level that will be danced.
After each added dancer press "Add".When all dancers are added press "Next"..

Space for camper/caravan
If you want to pre-book a space, specify whether you want with or without electricity.
There are 30 spaces with electricity, all are now booked, and 30 spaces without electricity.
Please specify the vehicles registration number. You can only book one space at the time.
Press "Add"..
You can book a site without electricity and/or que up for a site with electricity.
When you have booked the spaces you want, press "Next"..
The parking fee is valid for 3 nights, Thursday to Sunday.

NOTE! No arrival earlier than 15.00 on Thursday, June 10.

Food / Party
Specify for each participant who wants to pre-book lunch what food each one wants.
Please specify if you wish to participate in the Pub night 11 June and/or Afterparty 12 June. Must be pre-booked.
Please specify dietary requirements.
Press "Next"..

Read through and check to make sure everything is correct. Otherwise make changes.
By confirming, you accept our privacy policy and our terms of payment.
Press "Confirm".

Booking Confirmation
You will receive a Booking Confirmation / Invoice to your E-mail address. NOTE! Be sure to make a note of your Booking Number and Password.
Please print your booking confirmation on paper and bring to the check-in at Swedish Squaredance Convention 2021.

Payment according to Booking Confirmation / Invoice must be made within 20 days of registration, but no later than 17 May 2021.
Make your payment to: 
Salmon Town Dancers, Bank: SEB, Iban SE0650000000051013388984,
Bic: ESSESESS, Adress: SEB 106 40, Stockholm.
NOTE! When making your payment, be sure to enter your Booking Number that you received with the Booking Confirmation.
Once we receive your payment, a confirmation will be sent to your Email address.

If cancellation is made before May 1, 2021, 90% of the fee will be refunded. If cancellation is made before June 1, 2021, 80% of the fee will be refunded. 90% of the fee will be refunded upon presentation of doctors certificate before Swedish Square Dance Convention 2021 has started.


Spaces for caravan/camper with electricity are fully booked

Redan  efter två dygn så var de 30 uppställningsplatserna med el fullbokade.
We do our utmost to arrange more spaces.
It is possible to queue up. You can both stand in the queue as well as book a parking space without electricity. If there are vacant electricity spaces, we will handle the rebooking. On basis First come, First served.