Questions about accommodation? Please send an E-mail to The Convention board
Mass accommodation is not available.


ProfilHotels Halmstad
Bolmensgatan 3, Halmstad
Tel. Andreas Kson Edman: 070 555 27 30
When booking, use code: SQUAREDANS

Scandic Hallandia
Rådhusgatan 4, Halmstad
Phone: +46 35 295 86 00
E-mail: hallandia scandichotels
Webpage: Scandic Hallandia
When booking, use code: SQUAREDANS

Good Morning+ Halmstad
Prästvägen 1, Halmstad
Phone: +46 35 18 35 00
E-mail: halmstad gmorninghotels
Webpage: Good Morning+ Halmstad
When booking, use code: SQUAREDANS

Optima Hotell, Vallås
Strandvallen 7, Halmstad
Tel.: 08 128 888 80
When booking, use code: DANS2021


STF Kaptensgatan Hotel & Hostel
Stuvaregatan 8, Halmstad Tel: 035 12 04 00
E-mail: info kaptenshamn
Webpage: STF Kaptenshamn
When booking, use code: SQUAREDANS, then sheets and towels are included in the price.

Space for camper/caravan

It is possible to reserve a space close to the Halmstad Arena.
There are 30 spaces with electricity, all are now booked, and 30 spaces without electricity. Electrical connection 230 V max 10 A.
Arrival at the earliest on Thursday 10 June at 15.00.
At the spaces there is no possibility to refill a water tank or to empty grey or black water.
Booking can only be made for the whole Convention, three nights. Please prebook when you sign up for the convention.

Map accommodation


Spaces for caravan/camper with electricity are fully booked

Redan  efter två dygn så var de 30 uppställningsplatserna med el fullbokade.
We do our utmost to arrange more spaces.
It is possible to queue up. You can both stand in the queue as well as book a parking space without electricity. If there are vacant electricity spaces, we will handle the rebooking. On basis First come, First served.